multi-purpose rovers for
large-area maintenance
– indoors and outdoors
built on
a sturdy frame
State-of-the-art safety features
Ready to take on a wide range of tasks - any time, any place

Powerful autonomous work vehicles

X-Drive Robots is a leading manufacturer of all-electric autonomous work vehicles, AWV. Our tool-carrying AWVs are the ideal solution for a wide range of repetitive, large-area maintenance tasks – outdoors as well as indoors. With X-drive Robots’ extensive range of safety features, our AWVs frequently replace a conventional diesel-powered tractor, freeing up the operator to attend to other tasks. An automated maintenance solution from X-Drive Robots is safe, cost-efficient and climate-friendly.

Leading the way

feature set

X-Drive Robot’s AWV offers an unparalleled list of automation and safety features.

Easy to deploy

Installing an X-drive Robots AWV is “plug and play”; no prior knowledge is needed.

What our AVW can be used for

We have already developed a solution for the maintenance and preparation of riding arenas. Now, we are working with several other use cases.

About us

X-Drive Robots was established in 2017 to create one of the most powerful and sophisticated autonomous work vehicles (AWV) for professional use in the world. In the developing market for autonomous work vehicles, our tool-carrying AWV offers a distinctive value proposition thanks to its advanced technology and fully automated concept.

With our headquarters in Denmark, X-Drive Robots is proud to uphold Danish customs for fine craftsmanship, creative problem-solving, and elegant design. As a responsible company, we constantly strive to minimize the climate footprint of both our products and our business to uphold our national heritage. Therefore, we focus on responsible use of energy and materials, recycling, and working with local suppliers whenever possible.

X-Drive Robots is led by its founders:

Bo Bojesen Bøgh, M.Sc.ME, eMBA
CEO/CTO and founder of X-drive Robots

With a varied background in mechanical and general design engineering, Bo is the driving force behind the company’s innovative robotic solutions. His role extends to overseeing the economic, production, and project management aspects of the business. He is also responsible for user interface design, ensuring that our solutions are intuitive and user-friendly, enhancing the user experience, and ensuring seamless interaction between humans and machines.

Klaus Kesje, B.Sc. in Medicine
CSO and founder of X-drive Robots.

Klaus has a commercial career background. He is heading up the company’s sales efforts and account management activities.  In addition, he is responsible for the development of our commercial partnership. His expertise extends to contract negotiations and account management & development, ensuring that client relationships are nurtured and grown. Before X-drive Robots, Klaus served as the CEO of e-gartner which he founded in 2013.