X-drive Robots

The problems we’re solving

What is X-drive

X-drive is disrupting the concept of building robots. By cooperating with the best suppliers and developers in Denmark, we succeeded in building a state-of-the-art rover in less that 5 years.

Proof-of-concept state

We present to you the first of a new generation of highly maneuverable, autonomous, and very capable tool-carriers for use in practically any field, in- and outdoors, by the end of 2022.

Going to market 2022

Be  the first to order, or lease, an automated solution for your riding arenas, from January 2022.

What you offer your precious clients is a well-prepared, level and smooth surface, and due to the advanced algorithms, way beyond what manual labour can conceive!

Autonomous tool carrier for multiple purposes.

Meet the X-drive Robots development partners

AGV market

X-drive Robots rover is the first fully automated fully multi-functional robot. Using the latest ultrasound navigation systems and 4x4 wheel drive to maneuver in all types of weather and all invironments.

Robot with tool

X-Drive Robot vs tractor

Working and training


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